Want to Love Your Engagement Photos? Here’s How: Part One

Engagement Photography TipsWhile planning a wedding can feel like an all-consuming task, don’t forget that you’ll want to have some engagement photos taken of you and your love before you head down the altar. Many couples opt to use these photographs in their save-the-dates, and even as decoration at the reception. But beyond that, you’ll also want engagement photos to commemorate this very special time in your relationship, not to mention in order to show off that stunning ring he gave you! In order to make your engagement session a success, here are answers to some of bride-to-be’s most frequently asked questions.

What should we wear?

The days of wearing matchy-matchy outfits for anything are pretty much out after kindergarten graduation. Instead, choose complimentary shades, or better yet, use a subtle pattern to act as a customized color picker. For instance, if you’ll be wearing a floral dress have him wear a dress shirt that’s one of the colors in your flower, though not the predominant color of your dress. This is an easy, almost instant way to look coordinated without looking like one big blob of color.

The exceptions to the no matching rule is if you want to each wear shades of a single color, such as navy and baby blue or charcoal and light grey. This can work especially well if there are subtle patterns involved, or various fabrics, to add interest and subtle contrast.

Or, if you want to wear a white or black dress and have your groom in a similarly shaded button down, you don’t have to worry about looking identical because you’ll be in very different outfits.

One extra tip, try to avoid overly busy patterns as they can look strange and distracting in photographs. Keep all eyes on you and your groom by sticking to subtle clothing choices.