Where to Begin With Wedding Planning: Part Two

Wedding Planning Part TwoObviously, setting a wedding budget is an important first step when it comes to wedding planning. But, there are a number of other steps necessary to set the stage for a lovely wedding day, not to mention reduce your stress throughout the sometimes-grueling planning process. Just remember, you’ve already done the hardest part, by finding the man of your dreams. And now, with a little help from your friends, you’ll get through the planning to your big day, celebrating the start of your new life together as husband and wife.

Hire Or At Least Enlist Help

Many wedding planners offer customizable packages to suit nearly every budget and timeline. So don’t discount the idea of hiring a planner, just because you’re working with a tight budget.

For instance, you could hire a planner to assist you with your first month of planning, during which you’ll likely need to choose a date, book a venue, hire a photographer, set your guest list, send save the dates and make other key decisions. You could also hire him or her to be there the day of the wedding to field calls and make sure your vision comes to life.

If you decide not to hire a wedding planner, this is still a good stage to choose a right-hand man or woman, both to help coordinate your planning and to be there on your wedding day to help with last-minute details. Ideally this shouldn’t be a close relative, like your mom, or anyone in your bridal party, since they’ll have their own responsibilities. Instead, consider a close friend from work who you know is well-organized, or a cousin that has always been an amazing party planner.

Don’t Forget To Tell Your Friends

While you probably couldn’t wait to tell your friends about your engagement, you may be a little less excited to start nailing down specifics, namely the costs they’ll accrue, as part of your big day.

Keep in mind, though, that most bridesmaids understand they’ll need to purchase a dress, and possibly airfare, depending on where you’re getting married. (You may have already done the same for them.) So don’t let guilt keep you from filling them in on planning details as they’re made. Yes, you’ll inform all your guests of the wedding date and location, but the sooner you can clue your bridal party in to your expectations of them, both on the wedding day and leading up to it, the more time they have to plan accordingly. Remember, you’ll likely want them to take enough time off work to attend both your bachelorette party and your day-after-the-wedding brunch. So, as you start planning all the fun and festivities, keep them in the loop. They’ll thank you for it!