Wondering What’s Trending for Weddings In 2016?

Wedding Trends for 2016While trends should not dictate what you plan for your wedding celebration, it can be fun to know what other brides are doing. You might even be able to find inspiration in their ideas. Plus, knowing what’s new for 2016 can also help you avoid choosing overly-used themes that may soon make your wedding feel dated. Here are some of the predictions wedding experts have set for 2016, and a few suggestions how you can use these trends to plan an event that’s stylish but still wholly your own.

In Living Colors

There will always be a place for pastels in weddings, such as bridal white or ivory, plus light pinks, purples and blues, but mixing those shades with a bright, complementary color like orange can bring a sense of freshness and excitement. Overly muted hues and monochromatic weddings seem to be on their way out, in favor of mixing traditional pastels with pops of bright, bold color.

Big Flowers Are Making a Comeback

Small or minimal floral arrangements are also out, and in their place brides have chosen elaborate floral centerpieces and statement arrangements. Save money by choosing naturally luscious blooms, and use them in high impact ways, like on reception tables and by the altar at your ceremony site.

A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

Some surprising trends in wedding photography are polarized takes on Instagramming the wedding. While many brides are still sharing customized hashtags meant to encourage guests to Tweet and Instagram their experiences, even going so far as to provide a charging station at the reception, others have chosen to ask that guests leave their phones off or in the car throughout the day. Either way, the important takeaway is to be clear with your guests about your expectations.