You Don’t Have to Host a Traditional Company Christmas Party

Corporate Party VenueAre you feeling on the fence about whether or not to host a company Christmas party this year? Maybe you feel obligated to do so, but aren’t at all excited about the prospect. During such a busy holiday season it can be hard to plan a corporate party, much less get employees excited about attending one. If you have some concerns about your company’s annual Christmas soiree, here are some alternatives to consider, as well as a few tips how to make any corporate get together an enjoyable success.

Think Outside the Neatly Wrapped Christmas Box

While Christmastime is a popular time to honor employees’ hard work with a party, it’s also one of the busiest times of year for many people. This can make a weekend party in December feel more like an obligation than a gift.

If you want to keep your company’s hardworking employees happy and a little less frazzled this holiday season, consider waiting until the new year to host a party in their honor. (Just let them know this is the plan.) Their schedules should be freer, and the new year is also a great time to reflect on the past, while looking forward to the future. It may also be much easier renting your dream corporate party venue, if you choose a slightly off-season.

Just don’t expect anyone to forego plans with friends or family on New Year’s Eve. Opt for a date at least a week after January first if you choose to host a “holiday” get together in the new year, instead of December. This maximizes availability, as most people will have finished winter vacation at this time.

Another Alternative to Company Parties

If you would like to forego all parties, moving forward, consider hosting a corporate retreat instead. This can provide excellent opportunities for team building, rejuvenation, and the kind of inspiration that comes with a change of scenery.

Your employees may greatly appreciate that instead of a generic cake at Christmas, you’ve chosen to spend some quality time sowing into them.