3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding PlanningWinter can be a lovely time of year to wed, but it’s not without its challenges, namely colder temperatures, a busy holiday season, and often inclement weather. If you’ve decided to get married during winter, though, it’s extra important to plan accordingly. Learning to work with the season’s unique challenges, instead of fighting them, can make for a much more successful and enjoyable wedding experience for both you and your guests. With a little common sense and a few insider tips it’s more than possible to pull off a beautiful winter wedding!

1. Comfort Is Key

Just as summer wedding guests will need plenty of water to keep them hydrated in the heat, brides should take their guests’ comfort into consideration when planning a winter wedding. If you live in a climate that won’t be frigid and are having an outdoor ceremony, or even just an outdoor cocktail hour, consider offering scarfs for guests to wrap in, or blankets they can cuddle under. A fire pit or fireplace can also add warmth and ambience, indoors or out!

If your guests will need to do much walking, consider renting golf carts to take them short distances, or cars to drive them further. This is especially important, in any season, if any of you have guests that have difficulty walking.

Make sure your bridal party fashion choices are reflective of the colder season, too. You don’t want your bridesmaids or groomsmen looking like popsicles while you take formal pictures. Even if you’re having an indoor wedding, keep in mind that you will likely still need to spend more than just a few minutes outdoors. Make beautiful shawls or stylish sweater sets part of the bridesmaids’ attire. You could even gift them a beautiful set of leather wedding-colored gloves.

2. Let the Season Be a Starting Point

Winter itself can be a fun wedding theme, but depending on what month your wedding date is in, it’s also appropriate to play up any holidays. For instance, you don’t have to host a Santa-filled soiree if you’re wedding in December, but you could have a few Christmas trees that fit with your color scheme on display, or incorporate candy canes into the placecard holders.

Glittery snowflakes are, of course, appropriate for all winter months, while pink or red make great color choices for a February wedding. Think vintage Cupid decorations, classic red roses or playful pink hearts, as well.

3. The Menu Is a Great Place to Give Winter Its Due

Choosing seasonal items for main and side dishes can be a great way to create a unique and memorable menu, but also how to keep catering costs reasonable. But you don’t have to limit yourself to seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Hot cocoa and cider make great additions to any winter wedding menus, and can help keep guests cozy. If you’re having an open bar, consider making Baileys-spiked cocoa or bourbon-based apple cider cocktails!

Desserts are also a fun way to play up the winter theme of your wedding. If you’re featuring a fire, set up a make your own smores station. Or, offer a host of different pies, crème brulee or other hot desserts, which will all be welcome additions. If you’re hosting a December wedding, a cookie decorating table, complete with flavored milks could be a big hit.