Fresh Ideas for Today’s Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party IdeasAre the boys unsure how to help your man celebrate your upcoming nuptials? Many of the traditional bachelor party traditions have become outdated. Others are just too risqué to make many fiancés feel comfortable. If you want the guys to have a great time without making anyone uneasy, opt for one of the more wholesome yet every bit as fun takes on modern bachelor parties, which will provide great male bonding without any of the potential embarrassment.

Good Clean Fun Fit for the Guys

Just because a groom wants to have fun with his best buds, doesn’t mean they have to head to a seedy club or spend the entire night out on the town. Instead, incorporate the groom’s favorite past times into a fun-filled outing that’s fit for groomsmen and friends of all ages, including little brothers and grandpas, as the case may be.

  • Hit a golf course, bowling alley, or somewhere else you can get in the game with your favorite guys
  • Or, grab tickets to cheer on the home team, whether that be professional football, minor league baseball, or collegiate basketball, etc.
  • Follow up a great game with a superb meal like juicy burgers, steaks, or other manly, foodie favorites
  • Tour a brewery and sample all the ales, stouts and other brews your hearts can handle
  • Head out of town for a camping trip through the mountains, or a surfing excursion across the coast
  • Getting out of town and doing something active provides great opportunities to make memories with the boys, and it’s also a great, harmless way to blow off steam that might have built up during the stress of wedding planning

Go With the Girls

Nothing says you have to host separate bachelor and bachelorette parties, either. Many modern brides and grooms-to-be are throwing joint parties, which can make for a night of fun for the entire bridal party.

  • Popular destinations include Vegas
  • But piano bars and other clubs known for great, live musical entertainment are also hotspots that can be found in most big cities
  • If you don’t want to host designated bachelor/bachelorette parties, at all, consider hosting a classy engagement party instead