Let It Snow: Winter Wedding Décor Ideas

Let It Snow at Your Winter WeddingWinter can be a wonderful time to host a wedding, one which might just have the backdrop of beautiful winter snows. But sometimes brides worry that a winter wedding means they have to go with monthly themes, such as traditional Christmas colors for a December wedding or New Year’s nods for a January celebration. On the contrary, winter is a great time to choose timeless décor that will look beautiful on your winter wedding and in your photo album for years to come. And though you may not want to choose traditional spring flowers for practical purposes, since they’ll be hard to get out of season, there aren’t many other “rules” about what goes for a winter wedding.

Color Schemes for Winter Weddings

  • Blues and whites are classic winter colors, which can be incorporated into any winter wedding, regardless of the date. Think about adding artificial snow to the tables and hang snowflakes from the ceiling, to truly play up the winter theme. And consider mixing pale blues with deep navy tones for a sophisticated play on a pretty traditional color scheme.
  • Silvers and golds are another beautiful addition to any winter celebration, and ones that can easily add a touch of elegance. From metallic candle holders to sequined tablecloths, or even fancy party hats if you do want to play up a New Year’s Eve wedding date, there are lots of fun ways to add sparkle through pretty metallic. Keep in mind that rose gold is set to be a big color for 2016!
  • Winter whites are another traditional take on décor. From the flowers to the candles, it is easy to incorporate hues of white, ivory and other light shades into wedding décor anytime of year, but they can look especially great when mirroring snowy white mountain peaks.
  • If you do want to incorporate a traditional holiday color like red, choose a different complimentary color. For instance, pair red roses with black bridesmaid dresses and teal accents instead of green. Or, have your bridal party wear emerald dresses with other jewel tone flowers, instead of just red. This way your décor says, “wedding,” without screaming “Santa.”

Take Cues from Your Venue

Depending on the location for your wedding, going with rustic-themed décor can be a fun way to bring the outdoors in. From pinecones to live evergreen branches, natural elements not only provide wonderful décor, they’re also a great way to bring fresh scents to your wedding tables.

For a more upscale or urban venue, or if you just want to go for a classic look, focus on dialing up the bling. From sequined sweater sets to sparkling chandeliers and champagne, fill your night with glamour that’s sure to light up those winter skies.

And, whether you’re allowed to use real candles or need to use battery-operated LED versions instead, “flames” of all kinds add a bit of extra ambience and romance.