Planning Holiday Parties with a Twist

Holiday Party TipsIf you find yourself planning your family or business’ annual holiday party yet again this year, you may be a bit overwhelmed and possibly even annoyed. After all, attending a party can be a lot of fun, but planning one doesn’t always feel that way. If you want to avoid some stress and actually enjoy this year’s soiree, consider some fun alternatives to traditional Christmas parties. It could be just the invigorating twist for which your guests and your weary planning self have been waiting.

New Takes on Traditional Holiday Parties

  1. Never underestimate a change of location. Getting out of your house, and definitely out of the office can do wonders for your mood. Choosing a corporate event venue that’s surrounded by the beauty of nature can add a sense of calm and rustic charm, while picking a downtown hotspot is perfect for an upbeat or fancy shindig. Choose according to your theme and guests’ tastes.
  2. Forego traditional Christmas décor in favor of an outside-the-norm theme like a tropical Christmas (think Elvis, palm trees and roasted pigs). Or, if you live in a warm climate, yourself, let the party be an excuse to have an epic snowball fight. (Did you know you can rent snow making machines and/or purchase premade snow balls from many snow cone shops? Your family won’t soon forget the time you created a white Christmas for them. If all else fails, opt for over-the-top paper snowflakes and other icy decorations.)
  3. Skip the typical games and up the excitement level. Host a poker night, or a board game tournament with prizes for the winners (even if the prize is a homemade trophy). Or, find some creative team-building games, especially if it’s a company party, or plan a scavenger hunt, which is another great way to foster both creativity and closeness.
  4. And remember, nothing dictates you have to host a holiday party at all. If you think your employees or family would be happy postponing your get together, consider making an annual spring retreat or party a tradition that frees up everyone’s time during an already hectic holiday season.