Planning the Perfect Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party PlanningWhen your best friend tells you she’s getting married, you are, of course, ecstatic that she’s found love. You may also be a bit nervous about what “lovely” bridesmaids dress she’ll pick for you, but you’re obviously a good enough friend not to let that show. You’re also such a good friend that while she’s planning her dream wedding you want to throw her an awesome bachelorette party. But how? Throwing a bachelorette party is about some great planning, in advance, and then a go-with-the-flow attitude when the party date arrives. You got this!

Surprise the Bride, Within Reason

Yes; you want to surprise the bride with some great entertainment and a night she’ll always remember. But you don’t want to embarrass her or push her way outside her comfort zone. So, before you start planning a rowdy good time, make sure you ask the bride what she wants to do to celebrate the end of her singlehood.

If she wants a fun but low-key night with her girls, consider a nice dinner out followed by a fun activity like bowling or visiting a jazz bar. If she wants an epic party, that’s when you’ve got a green light to start looking at flights to Vegas!

Enlist Help!

Even if you are the maid-of-honor, it hardly means all the party planning pressure has to rest solely on your shoulders. Most brides will have several friends not only willing to help plan, but happy to do so. Ask the bride if anyone else will want to be involved in the planning process, and if so, be sure to include them. This is a great way to get everyone on board with the activities, and can help keep your stress levels and cost out-of-pocket from growing astronomically, too.

Party Responsibly

Even if you’ll only be going for a few cocktails, part of planning the perfect bachelorette party means making sure the bride and all her besties drink responsibly.

  • Arrange transportation beforehand, whether that means lining up a few Uber rides or a stretch limousine.
  • You’ll also likely want to book a hotel room, even if many of your guests live in town.
  • Don’t be afraid to take people’s keys away before the festivities begins, especially if any of the bridesmaids are notorious for trying to drive drunk.
  • Other important planning tips? Get a good night’s rest the night before the party. And on the day of the bash, drink plenty of water and have a good-sized meal before the alcohol starts flowing!