Tips for Creating the Perfect Wedding Registry

Couple Wedding RegistryFew wedding planning tasks are more team-building or downright fun for fiances than registering for wedding gifts. It’s like shopping without money, but also a great way to help take the pressure off guests who don’t want to guess at what you want or need. Before you hit your favorite store and start soaring through the aisles with a scanner, though, it’s good to come up with a loose game plan to help keep your registry from becoming an overwhelmingly giant list of random gadgets and none of the stuff you actually need.

Mix Practical and Purely Pretty Purchases

Regardless of where you choose to register, chances are high that there will be a seemingly endless number of options for everything from hand towels to slow cookers. That adds up to an overwhelming number of choices to be made, regarding what you want your future linens, dishes and everything else in your home to look like.

If you don’t want to spend hours having a heated “discussion” in front of total strangers and store clerks, it’s best to come up with some general guidelines before you leave the comfort of your house.

  • Picking a color scheme, either for the whole house or each room, can help make decisions much simpler. Going with a red and black kitchen? You may only have to narrow down 5 plate choices instead of 50.
  • Making a list of what you truly need, and then add 5 or 10 things you would each like, can help make sure your list is a good mix of practical items and things you’d each enjoy. This can also help keep a registry from becoming one-sided, meaning all things you wanted and none of the things your soon-to-be-husband really cared about. Keep in mind that the further down on your registry an item is, the less likely it may be to get selected. Start with the basic things you need, then take turns choosing wanted items, or go by room. For instance, you get to pick that unbelievably cute cat cookie jar, and then he gets to pick the Ninja-shaped cookie cutters. (Don’t you make a perfect couple?)
  • Even if you don’t plan on sitting down to many formal dinners or inviting the Queen over for tea, anytime soon, that doesn’t mean you can’t still register for some formal items. When it is time for you to host Thanksgiving dinner, or a baby shower for your bestie, you may wish you’d registered for some finer-than-everyday China.
  • Of course, nothing says you have to create a traditional registry at all. There are fun alternatives to typical registry options available for the couple that already has what it needs.