Tips for Planning Your Company’s Holiday Party

Corporate Christmas PartyReady or not, Christmas will soon be here, and that means it’s time to celebrate the holiday season with all your favorite coworkers. If you’re charged with planning this year’s corporate party there are some ways to make the planning a bit easier and the party an even bigger hit than last year’s. Just make sure you start planning soon, because without the help of a team of elves by your side, it can be difficult to throw a party together quickly during such a busy season.

How to Host a Jolly Holiday Bash

  1. When choosing a party date, consider a weekday or weeknight. While that might not scream “party time,” it does increase the chance of more people being free. (It can also make it much easier to find an opening at your favorite event venue.) The holidays can be such a busy season for travel and family time that it’s best your company not try to encroach. Instead, choosing a weekday can make scheduling a bit easier on everyone. Plus, who doesn’t love a boss-approved excuse to cut out of work a bit early, especially when that excuse is a super company-wide soiree!
  2. Stick with simple decorations and excellent foods. If you’re working with a limited budget, and most companies are, keep the décor easy and affordable and splurge on the food. Especially if you host an evening event, it’s much more important that the food be delicious and plentiful, than that the table centerpieces be something extravagant.
  3. For entertainment, think inside and outside the neatly wrapped box. Gift or ornament exchanges can be fun if you outline clear rules beforehand so no one feels compelled to spend too much. If your company works in a creative field, consider a Christmas craft station or even a cookie or gingerbread house decorating table. You can make it a contest if you want to inspire true artistry!
  • General or holiday-themed ice-breakers can also be fun, especially if you have such a large company that many of your employees might be meeting for the first time at the event.
  • A photobooth is also a welcome addition at any party or special event, including corporate events. Consider making ugly holiday sweaters part of the dress code, for really amusing pictures on which to look back.
  • Music is a must, too, for any festivities. Either make your own playlist for the evening, or hire a DJ or band to bring instant energy to your event!