Top 5 Wedding Destinations

Destination Wedding Hot SpotsIt’s no secret many modern brides and grooms are choosing to skip town to say their nuptials. Destination weddings have never been more popular or possible, thanks to modern technology. A host of travel sites and easily accessible galleries of wedding venues, has made it much easier to plan a wedding from afar. Plus, there are plenty of beautiful – and popular – destinations that would love to host you and your closest friends and family for the trip of a lifetime, not to mention a truly memorable and breathtaking wedding celebration!

Where Couples Are Getting Married Now

  1. Exotic beaches – a mainstay of destination weddings, it’s hard to go wrong with a simple beachside ceremony. Hawaii, Aruba, Bahama, Belize, Cozumel, Fiji, and the Dominican Republic are all hotspots for lovers of the sea and sand.
  2. Quaint Coastal Towns – of course, you don’t have to travel out of the country to find a beautiful seaside scene. Maine, Georgia, and both North and South Carolina all offer beautiful ocean views. Plus they can be much simpler to travel to for any American guests, since none will require a passport.
  3. Deserts at Dusk – Arizona has become a popular wedding destination thanks to its gorgeous red rocks, epic sandy dunes, and ski slopes. Utah and New Mexico are also great choices for adventurous couples who prefer a weekend hiking to a fancy hotel.
  4. Europe – while a much longer trip for most Americans, Europe is filled with scenic views and old world charm. From Paris to the Amalfi Coast, Northern Italy to the United Kingdom, there is a lot to see if you choose to explore Europe for your wedding (or honeymoon)!
  5. California – few states can compare to California, when it comes to versatile beauty. Whether you’re looking for clear beaches, vineyards, redwoods, mountains, historic missions, or Hollywood glamour, it’s got it all, which explains why so many couples choose California for a destination wedding.