Trend Watch 2016: Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Entertainment Trends 2016Many brides and grooms, especially those on a budget, still choose to create their own playlist to dance to at their receptions, and there’s nothing wrong with a laptop or iPod serving as DJ for the night. But, if you can afford it, 2016 is shaping up to be a big year for live entertainment at weddings across the country. Best of all, you don’t have to spend nearly as much as you might think to make a huge impression on your fun-loving guests. If you want them to leave thinking about how much fun they had, along with how beautiful you looked, here are some of the top trends for incorporating entertainment into your wedding.

Live Music Brings Something Special

Live musicians are becoming more and more popular with trend-conscious, or just music-loving couples. And it’s no wonder! Whether it’s a single cellist playing your favorite Ryan Adams song as you walk down the aisle, or a jazz quartet playing funky covers of all your favorite pop songs from the 90’s, there really is something special about live music. It brings an added level of energy and emotion to an already special day.

Many local music stores have bulletin boards filled with “starving artists” who can offer skilled yet still affordable entertainment. College music departments are also ripe with people that will be eager to play, and which are likely to already know many of your requested tunes. If you’re interested in a choir or band, talk to local high school teachers or directors, or with the music minister at your church. Just be sure to find musicians that are reliable, with a proven track record for performing well live. And make sure your playlist is given to them with plenty of time to practice all those great tracks!

It’s All Fun and Games

Of course, music isn’t the only way to up the entertainment ante. Many modern couples want to highlight their unique hobbies, passions, or even favorite childhood past times. So consider hosting a game-filled or adventure-themed reception, especially if you know most of your guests won’t be interested in dancing.

Hosting a country club event? Consider a pool tournament or other on-premise games like croquet or horseshoes, especially during the cocktail hour. If you’re having your wedding near an upscale bowling alley, invite guests to bowl a few rounds as a reception after party. Bounce houses can also be fun for kids of all ages, especially if you incorporate carnival foods into the fare. You could even hire a balloon artist, or specialty acts like acrobats to add some excitement!

Many wedding venues also offer optional fireworks to help end the big night with a bang. Just be aware that you may need special permits or to pay for additional security, and always make arrangements through your on-site coordinator. Fireworks aren’t the sort of thing you want to add rogue.

Dance Dance!

Dancing is a time-honored reception tradition, but that doesn’t mean the dancing has to be stuffy or somber. If you really want your dance floor to be packed and “hoppin’” there’s no better way to kick off the party than with a coordinated dance.

Whether you hire professional dancers, or just ask your bridal party to learn a choreographed number, a scheduled dance to start the evening can really help guests feel excited about boogying down.

If you want to hire a dance squad, look to local dance studios to find performers primed for the spotlight.