What’s For Dinner? Planning Your Wedding Menu

Wedding Menu PlanningPlanning what to serve for dinner at your wedding can feel both fun and a little overwhelming. After all, how often do you get to plan such a lavish or large party? And also, how often are you so responsible for your friends’ and families’ hunger or happiness? If you’re struggling with what to settle on, where catering is concerned, here are some ideas to help get you started.

Think Outside The Fish or Chicken Box

There’s nothing that dictates you serve traditional wedding fare at your soiree. Sure, chicken or fish are safe options, but if those ideas don’t make you happy, throw them out. Many wedding caterers have pushed the limits of creativity, offering all kinds of non-traditional fare your guests will both enjoy and appreciate.

  • Certainly take into consideration if any of your guests have dietary restrictions due to food allergies or religious beliefs, and plan accordingly. But otherwise, don’t feel pressured to have food that screams “wedding.” Instead set a menu that feels like you and your groom!

And the days of being required to serve a fancy feast for your wedding are over, too. Having enough food is crucial, but there’s no longer any reason it has to be fancy, much less fussy. Instead of looking to the nearest Michelin Star restaurant to set your menu, try taking a cue from you and your groom’s favorite takeout place or regular date night.

  • You might not want to serve pizza at your wedding, but why not incorporate those flavors into a delicious and classy pasta dish.
  • If your first date was for Chinese food, use that as a flavor profile when planning your wedding menu.

Another great option is to choose childhood favorites or everyday classic foods. Just ask your caterer to help elevate them.

  • Think a macaroni and cheese or mashed potato bar, complete with gourmet toppings!
  • This works for dessert too. Who doesn’t love a good ice cream sundae station?