3 (More) Key Questions to Ask Before Booking a Venue

Questions for Your Wedding VenueWedding planning can be stressful, but it becomes much easier as you begin locking down important details, such as a date, a location, and specifically, a wedding venue. While these are some of the biggest decisions you’ll be required to make, they certainly don’t have to be difficult. In fact, many brides find that these are some of the easiest choices to make. Once you’ve fallen in love with a venue, asking questions may seem like a formality, but it is important to take their guidelines into consideration. Here are a few more great questions to ask before you book that dream venue.

How Many Guests Will Fit, and How Many Will Fit Comfortably?

These might seem like the same question, but they’re actually quite different. And no one will be able to address both             questions better than the coordinator at your venue. Yes; that charming barn you found online may say it fits 200, but that could mean you can have 200 standing guests, or comfortably seat 130. Finding out early on, how many guests you can comfortably invite to a certain venue can be essential in determining if it’s the right venue for you.

And while you’re asking about accommodations, find out if there are separate venues on site that can be used for the ceremony and reception, so you don’t have to host your entire celebration in a single space.

Are Sparklers/Candles/Alcoholic Beverages Allowed?

If you’re an avid party planner, you make take for granted that anything goes when you’re hosting a soiree at your own house. But many wedding venues have specific regulations, both for their own security and also guests’ safety. So, before you set your heart on a sparkler exit from that historic downtown brownstone you’ve selected for your reception dinner, make sure they’re allowed. The same goes for things even remotely controversial or concerning. This includes tea lights and Long Island Iced Tea.

Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions. Just make sure one of the first is to look over the venues contract, that way the expectations are crystal clear. It’s much better to understand the rules well in advance, rather than scrambling to find a candle alternative the night before your nuptials.

When Can We Arrive?

Many brides don’t realize just how much prep time it may take to transform a fairly pretty reception hall into a breathtakingly dreamy space! Considering you may also want to have your hair and makeup done on premise, then formal portraits with your friends prior to the wedding, you may realize you need the venue for a lot more hours than you anticipated. Find out early on how many hours are included in each package, and what happens if you run over. And air on the side of too much time rather than too little.

It’s also especially important to know if your venue double books on weekends. It’s possible you need to be more than done by 4; you need to have the entire space cleaned up and completely cleared out, so the 5 o’clock wedding can start on time!