3 Surprising Reasons to Plan A Winter Wedding

Romantic Winter WeddingSure, most people think of spring when they think of weddings. But that doesn’t mean it’s the exclusive time-of-year for saying “I Do.” In fact, that preconceived idea that warm temperatures mean it’s nuptial season, is actually one compelling reason to consider a winter date for your wedding day. After all, if you want to truly set your wedding apart from all the rest, what better way to do so than to host one people aren’t expecting, like a warm and inviting celebration in the middle of winter.

Give Guests an Excuse to Bundle Up and Get Cozy

From providing blankets or shawls as wedding favors, to filling the cocktail hour with fire pits or electric heaters, there are a variety of both fun and practical ways to give guests warm feelings at your winter wedding.

Plus, what could possibly be more romantic than leaving with your new groom, cuddled up on the back of a horse-drawn carriage, and taking a moonlit stroll through the snow?

Snow and Ice Make an Elegant Wedding Theme

Don’t try to fight the weather, at your winter wedding. Celebrate it! Glittery snowflakes and elaborate ice sculptures are just a few fun ways to incorporate a winter theme. You could also choose to have all-white flowers. Incorporate a variety of metallics, like rose gold, for a trendy take on traditional tablescapes, that plays up the sparkle of those starry winter nights.

A Date That’s Unexpected Makes for a Memorable Wedding Day!

Whether you choose to wed in December or February, choosing a winter wedding is a quick, innovative way to help set your day apart! After all, even if every other detail about your wedding is fairly traditional, having a beautiful blanket of snow as a backdrop, can instantly set your wedding apart from all your friends.

So if you’re not feeling spring, or your favorite wedding venue is booked up through the fall, consider a winter wedding date instead.