4 Offbeat Wedding Destinations

Offbeat Destination Wedding IdeasAre you set on hosting a destination wedding, but tired of hearing about all the usual suspects for locations? If a beachside wedding in Hawaii isn’t really your style, consider some beautiful yet unique destinations instead. From the Big Easy to the heart of Texas, there are many places that could serve as the perfect backdrop for your one-of-a-kind wedding as well as a memorable trip for you and all your guests! After all, sometimes the best adventures are those that taken you off the beaten path.

1. Hit the City Limits in Austin

Whether you’re from Texas or not, Austin makes a great destination for weddings (and bachelorette parties, too). With vibrant art throughout, great comfort food and a legendary music scene, there are plenty of attractions to draw you to Texas’ capital. Plus, the areas surrounding Austin provide beautiful hillside views and a sense of peace and calm located right outside the city.

If you want to plan a memorable Southern wedding, it doesn’t get better than Austin! Consider hiring a local barbecue artisan or a set of food trucks to give your guests an authentic taste of the city.

2. Party Down in New Orleans

Many people think East or West Coast when planning their nuptials, but New Orleans offers a ton of charm in a historic city, all in the center of the country, making it ideal for couples with bicoastal friends!

Take full advantage of its unique charms by hiring a brass band to play you down the aisle, or taking a horse-drawn carriage to see the Big Easy, lit by streetlight.

3. Say “I Do” in Seattle

While not as big of a tourist destination as many of its West Coast neighbors, Seattle can make a lovely wedding destination, particularly for couples that enjoy hiking and other outdoor adventures. If you don’t mind a little rain, or cold, consider planning a fall wedding, when the changing leaves create truly breathtaking views.

4. Don’t Choose a City, Choose a Place!

That is to say, rather than starting with a city in which to wed, think about what kind of place you want to wed. Would a cave be romantic for you and your adventurous groom-to-be? How about a glacier? A mountain top? Or a hot air balloon?

If your hearts aren’t set on getting married in your hometown, or some other city, think about what kind of setting you dream of and plan a destination wedding accordingly. Disney World or a deserted island, the world is your wedding venue, with some careful planning!