Avoid These Outdated Wedding Traditions

Shirk These Wedding TraditionsEven if you and your fiancé don’t plan on chasing the latest wedding trends, that doesn’t mean you have to host a traditional ceremony or reception. On the contrary, there has never been a better time to shirk outdated wedding traditions, in lieu of plans that work better for you and your families. Don’t want to wear white? Not sure where guests should sit? Don’t look to the old etiquette books to guide your wedding planning. Just talk to your groom, and decide what works for you. You’ll be much happier that way, and your wedding will feel as it’s supposed to, like a celebration built for two!

What’s Right for You?

Most modern brides realize there are few hard and fast wedding rules, these days. But there are a few traditions, in particular, that have become passé or at least totally passable. Here are some traditions you should plan on second guessing or skipping.

Choosing a Seat, Not a Side

Once upon a time, brides and grooms had their family members sit on specific sides of the aisle. However, modern couples favor a more laidback approach to seating, both during the wedding ceremony and at the reception. If you want guests to sit wherever they’d like, put up a simple sign, like a chalkboard, instructing your friends and family to mingle with one another and sit on both sides of the aisle.

This is especially helpful if one of you is likely to have far more guests than the other, because it can help keep the seating even. It’s also a great way for guests, and in-laws to mingle.

The Bide Wore White, But Now She Wears Whatever She Wants

While white will likely always have a role in wedding dress design, it’s no longer required as the primary shade for bridal garments. Ivory has been a longstanding second color choice, but blush, baby blue and other pale colors are gaining popularity for wedding gowns. There are even red, black and other saturated shades of wedding gowns available for the bride who wants to stand out, more than she wants to follow tradition.

If you’re looking for just a hint of color, though, play up your more traditional gown colorful small elements, such as ribbon sashes, blue shoes, chunky jewelry or even a jewel-toned barrette.

Chicken or Fish, or Not!

There has never been a better time to be a wedding guest, now that so many brides and grooms are taking as much time planning their menus as they are working on other details of their event. Don’t bore guests with typical options, limited only to boring baked chicken or bland fish. Instead, offer foods both you and your guests are sure to love.

Consider offering barbecue from the place you went on your first date, for instance, or an Italian buffet inspired by your grandma’s home recipes. The more personality and heart you incorporate into your meal, the more comforting and delicious the food will be! It’ll alos be a lot more fun, too.