Awesome Party Ideas for Ringing in the New Year

Hosting a New Year's Eve PartyWhether you want to spend New Year’s Eve hosting a lavish event for all your work acquaintances, or an intimate party with only your best friends and closest family members,, it is a great time host your own party. But worried your shindig will be like all the others? It’s easier than you might think to make your party one for the ages. It just takes a little creativity, and being willing to ask guests to commit to a costume, bringing cocktails, or at the very least, embracing the candid camera click.

Hats are Good; Props Are Better

Sure, glittery New Year’s Eve crowns have been around for a while, but why not grab some and add to them oversized sunglasses, fluffy mustaches, glow-in-the-dark necklaces, boas and other supplies to create your own “Photobooth” station. Most can be found inexpensively at party stores, and voila, instant party!

Pro party planning tip: you could use your phone or tablet to take pictures and then print them as favors, use an instant camera, or simply ask guests to hashtag their selfies. But creating a designated photo spot can be a super fun way to commemorate the occasion, and to relive the memories for many new years to come.

Invite guests to leave resolutions with their photos, if you plan to make this an annual soiree. You’ll all enjoy seeing which resolutions you stuck to, and which you had bailed on by February.

Take BYOB to the Next Level

Instead of asking guests to BYOB, ask them to bring supplies to create their favorite cocktails, along with printed receipts to share with other guests. Not only will you have instant variety at your home bar; your friends can also go home with great new drinks to try during the new year.

Just remember, if guests will be drinking, at all, be ready to order them a cab, serve as a designated driver, or otherwise make sure they get home safely.

Pick a Theme or Host an All-Nighter

Theme parties can be rather hit or miss, but New Year’s is a particularly great opportunity to insist on a dress code, from your favorite Star Wars characters in honor of the new film, to an all black and white party, or a 1950’s inspired sock hop. Adding a theme element can help serve as an ice breaker for your friends that may not know each other, and it might even help them find the right apartment.

Another great idea for the long night, is to host a tournament of sorts (think pool, Monopoly, etc.), a movie marathon complete with your own drinking game, or another activity that will keep everyone occupied and therefore awake, even if they’re not big dancers or lack the gift of gab.