Dessert Ideas for Winter Weddings

Smores StTation for Winter WeddingsFew seasons are more romantic or cuddly than winter, so it’s no wonder many brides opt to host winter weddings. If you’ve chosen a date during the height of the coldest season, though, you will want to incorporate ideas that help keep your guests warm and cozy. And one of the absolute best places to bring in a bit more warmth is the dessert table. Since guests are likely to congregate around the cake, anyways, you might as well make the table a source of entertainment as well as refreshment! Here are some ideas how.

DIY Is All The Rage for Desserts, as Well as Décor!

Sure, chocolate fountains have remained a popular addition to wedding dessert bars for years. But they’re not the only interactive way to let guests satisfy their sweet teeth. Other ideas include a DIY cookie decorating station, complete with frostings in various colors and plenty of sprinkles. Gingerbread are great for a pre-Christmas wedding, while sugar cookies are timeless treats that can be cut out in a variety of shapes, such as your initials, ampersands, wedding cakes, or seasonal favorites.

A DIY caramel apple station is another fun way to let guests stretch their culinary muscles. Consider offering both caramel and chocolate for dipping, as well as a variety of toppings like chopped nuts, coconut flakes, even cinnamon candies.

Another great way to give guests control over their confections is with a DIY SMores bar. (Just check with your wedding reception venue to find out their policies on open flames. Your caterer can also recommend the best and safest way to roast marshmallows in an indoor setting!)

It’s easy to mix some standard ingredients with a number of upscale or trendy alternatives, which can create a memorable addition to your winter wedding.

Instead of just providing chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers, consider adding in white chocolate, or other candy bars which incorporate things like peppermint, almonds, or other nuts.

As for marshmallows, you can make or buy ones in a variety of shapes and flavors. From strawberry to coconut, explore your options online or find a recipe for crafting your own. They’re especially cute in heart shapes, as snowflakes, snowman or other winter-themed shapes.

And, while we’re talking marshmallows, that brings us to our next fun idea…

A Hot Chocolate Bar

Like Smores, hot cocoa is a classic wintertime treat. And one that guests will welcome as they warm up at your reception. If you want to fancify this childhood favorite, include a variety of flavors, like milk and dark chocolate, peppermint and caramel. Then have a mix of marshmallows and other candies, which make great mix-ins and even stirrers. How cute are candy canes in lieu of coffee stirrers, for a December wedding?

Flavored coffee creamers are also great to have on hand, for both cocoa and coffee. Dairy alternatives, are too, especially for any lactose intolerant guests. (Look for a hot cocoa mix that doesn’t contain any lactose or milk ingredients, if you do have guests with allergies.) You might even be surprised how great cashew, almond or coconut milk taste in hot chocolate.