Enjoy a Lovely, Low-Key New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve Low-Key StyleWhether you feel like it’s too late to make New Year’s Eve plans, or are just looking for a more relaxed way to spend the evening than at a packed out affair, there are still lots of fun and festive ways to celebrate, many that don’t even require getting out of your pajamas! Plus, what better way is there to ring in the new year than without the hassle of fighting traffic or making reservations at a pricey restaurant? This year, if you’d like to save some cash while still having a “bash,” here are some great ways to celebrate the biggest night of the year, in style, at (or close to) home.

Invite Friends Over for an Adult Slumber Party

Instead of inviting dozens of acquaintances over for a night of small talk and cocktail sipping, consider planning a far more intimate affair. Invite only your closest friends and family over for a slumber party instead, complete with plenty of air mattresses set up for crashing after the countdown has concluded.

Host a movie marathon to fill the hours, or a game night complete with a customized bracket, and invite guests to come in super casual clothing, like comfy pajamas. That way no one has to battle horrendous traffic getting home that night.

Just plan to make plenty of breakfast and coffee, for your overnight guests, the next morning. (Time to break out that waffle iron Santa brought you!)

Have a Romantic Date Night at the Closest Dive

Let the crowds gather at your city’s swankiest restaurants and clubs. Avoid the chaos by having a romantic dinner for two closer to home, such as at your favorite local Chinese buffet, the locally-legendary burger joint, or even by ordering a pizza (just keep in mind that delivery times will likely be long, on a holiday).

If you want to make the night extra memorable, consider dressing up as if you’re headed to a ball, but instead enjoy your delicious, unpretentious food!

What If You Want to Host a Big Party?

Next year, if you want to host a larger gathering, consider booking an event venue, which will make decorating and setup much easier, especially after the busy Christmas season. Instead of worrying about dusting, you can simply show up and invite your guests to do the same, enjoy a festive evening in a beautiful venue, then head home to enjoy your quiet and clean house.