Picking the Right Venue for a Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding VenueMay through July remain the most popular months for weddings, but they’re hardly the only time of year that can serve as a romantic timeframe to say “I Do.” If you’re leaning towards a winter wedding, you just need to take into consideration the challenges the season can bring, so that you can host your dream nuptials, whether it’s cold outside, or not. When it comes to choosing a venue, in particular, it’s important to plan for the season, so you can make sure you and your guests are comfortable and warm, whatever the weather may bring!

Finding the Right Venue for You, and Your Wedding Date

Even if there are dropping temperatures on your big day, it doesn’t have to mean spirits will plummet. You just need to plan in advance for frigid weather, and take the necessary precautions to keep guests warm, cozy and excited to share in your celebration.

Choosing a venue with appropriate accommodations, is essential, too, in hosting a successful winter wedding.

  • If you do choose a venue based on its outdoor location, especially in warmer climates where you might be able to enjoy an outdoor winter wedding, just make sure there is another indoor area available in case of inclement weather.
  • This is good advice, when choosing a venue, regardless of what time of year you’re wedding, since you never know what the weather will bring.
  • Indoors or outdoors, make sure your venue has adequate equipment to keep the area warm (or cool in the summer). This could mean space heaters, a fireplace or a fire pit, which could even be incorporated into your dessert bar, as well!