Style Watch 2016: Menswear for Weddings

Grooms Wear TrendsBrides aren’t the only ones wanting to look their absolute best on their wedding days. Modern grooms want to strut their stuff, too, in stylish suits, on-trend accessories and unique elements. Regardless of whether you’re planning for a rustic wedding venue or a lavish ballroom, help make sure your man looks handsome and confident on the big day, by outfitting him with great choices that celebrate his personal style and showcase his best features.

3-Piece Suits are Back, Big Time

While suit vests were considered outdated, for a short time, they have made a big comeback in recent years, and now many grooms favor incorporating this stylish accessory into their ensembles.

Though your groom could certainly have his whole gang outfitted in vests, saving it for only him is a great way to make sure he stands out at the aisle.

Accessorize With His Personality

Just like you can have a little fun with wedding planning, by incorporating colorful accessories into your bridal look, accessories are a great way for your groom to play up his wonderful personality. From cuff links that highlight his profession or favorite hobby, to socks with his favorite comic book hero on them. Even if you’re planning a very fancy affair, let your guy cut loose a little by encouraging him to choose accessories that reflect him, and not just the elegance of your wedding day.

Plus, quirky accessories can make for great photographs, especially if all his groomsmen are wearing equally fun flourishes.

Relax, and Rock a Casual Look

Nothing says your man has to wear a fussy suit to pledge his love. In fact, there are many instances when a more relaxed approach is actually more fitting. Casual outdoor weddings, for instance, are great opportunities to wear simple dress pants sans a formal jacket. Your groom could wear a vest instead, or just a button down and a bowtie.

And, if your groom is a bit more country than that, don’t be afraid to let him rock his best jeans and cowboy boots. Just make sure he dresses those jeans up with a nice, new shirt.