Warm Wishes, Warm Dishes: Winter Wedding Menu Ideas

Winter Wedding Menu PlanningPlanning a winter wedding? If so, you may be feeling stumped about what to feed your guests. While few items are completely off limits for a wedding hosted during the cold winter months, there are some seasonal dishes that feel a bit more festive and on theme. So, when it comes to planning your menu, take a cue from what’s local, seasonal and most importantly, delicious and comforting to you!

Think Comfort Food, Gone Upscale

From a macaroni and cheese bar to a soup buffet, if you’re hosting a winter wedding in a truly cold climate, consider making warming, comforting foods the stars of your menu. This could also include some of your favorite side dishes from your family’s Thanksgiving or Christmas menus. Just talk to the caterer about ways to fancify any favorite foods you’re worried are a little too casual for your affair. You might be surprised the fun ways they can display even the homiest of foods.

Generous Servings Are Especially Big for Winter Weddings

While you should always make sure your guests are well-fed, especially if you’re expecting them to boogie the night away, this important wedding planning principle rings especially true in winter. Unless you or many of your guests are vegans, winter is a wonderful time to fill plates with generous helpings of roasted or blackened meats, like turkey, steak or even bison.

If you do have vegetarian guests coming, just make sure your caterer puts equal attention into the vegetarian option. In fact, this is a great place to play up seasonal vegetables!

Let Guests DIY Dessert

Dessert bars continue to be a major trend for weddings, all year long. But when it comes to winter weddings, there are some extra fun ways to keep guests warm. Consider incorporating a hot chocolate bar into the table, complete with lots of candies that make great add-ins, like candy canes, caramels, and butterscotch candies. December is an especially great time to offer a cookie decorating station.

Of course, alcohol can also play a role in your cocktail and dessert hour, by offering sweet favorites liked spiked cider, eggnog, cranberry cocktails, or hot chocolate with Irish cream.