Where to Begin with Wedding Planning: Part Two

Wedding Professional Questions During PlanningSo now that you’ve set your budget, selected a wedding date and chosen a beautiful wedding venue that suits your style, what comes next? Many brides become overwhelmed while wedding planning, simply because there are so many decisions to be made. From big purchases like a wedding dress, to relatively minor decisions, like what place cards to use, there are indeed a lot of choices that will need to be made, before you can walk down the aisle to the love of your life. Luckily, those choices become much easier with a few wedding professionals by your side, and, as you start to set the tone for your wedding day!

Who to Ask for Help?

Both the wedding date and venue will have a dramatic effect on the overall feel of your wedding. That’s why it is essential to choose a timeframe and location that speak to your esthetic. Once you’ve done so, many of the other decisions will start to fall in to place, so to speak. But it’s still a good idea to get some expert advice from the wedding professionals you have hired!

Even if you have chosen not to hire a wedding coordinator or planner (though it’s highly suggested) here are a few of the pros who might just be delighted if you ask for their input.

  1. Instead of stressing about setting your perfect wedding day timeline, or even looking over the dozens – even hundreds – of sample lists available online, which can feel overwhelming, talk to your photographer. After all, he or she has probably shot many weddings, possibly even at your specific venue. And perhaps most importantly, the photog can help schedule your day to put you in the most flattering light possible! And what bride doesn’t want that?
  2. Unsure exactly what table arrangements you want to go with? Ask your florist for suggestions. You’ve already selected him or her based on the great work he’s created in the past, and know you can trust your day to him. So let him stretch his creative muscles, and suggest some one-of-a-kind options for you to choose from, based on the few things you do know.

For instance, if you know you want tall pink bouquets, but aren’t sure what should go in them or what vases you prefer, give the florist your few parameters and then ask for some ideas. You might be surprised what a great team the two of you will make!