Month: January 2016

Yay! You’re Engaged! Now What? Part One

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while that means chocolates and flowers for most, it could mean a surprise engagement for some! Holidays are wonderfully popular times for popping the question, perhaps because of the intrinsic romance of spending a special day together (but also because it makes it much easier for your… Read more »

To Invite or Not to Invite, How to Answer That Pesky Question

Ah, the guest list, every bride’s personal nightmare. Just when you were getting excited to invite your closest friends and family to help you celebrate the biggest day of your life, you realize formulating the perfect guest list is not at all as simple as it sounds. Whether you’re planning to host a small, intimate… Read more »

Make Healthy Living Fun and Enriching for You and Your Groom

If you want arrive at your dream wedding venue looking your best, and feeling just as great inside, there are several steps that can be taken. Yesterday we talked about how brides can take better care of themselves, by being kind about their bodies and taking time to de-stress. But you also want to feel… Read more »

Feel Your Best as a Bride with Some Self-Care

Every bride wants to feel like she’s glowing on her wedding day. Sure she wants to take her groom’s breath away, but it’s just as important that she feel her best, inside. Unfortunately many brides-to-be go to extreme measures trying to fit into their dresses, or reaching their personal bests physically. And they sometimes resort… Read more »

How to Plan an Awesome Rehearsal Dinner

Once upon a time the rehearsal dinner was an opportunity for two families to get to know one another, in a formal setting, often over the fanciest of meals. But now? Most brides and grooms prefer a more laidback approach. After all, two families are becoming one great big family, not a business conglomerate. There… Read more »

Enjoy Worry-free Planning with an Elopement Wedding

Many brides think of their local courthouse or Vegas when they hear the term elopement, and even if they find that idea appealing they may shy away from getting wed without any of their friends or family present. Still, even those brides that always hoped to plan a lavish wedding, may sometimes find themselves dreaming of… Read more »

Planning the Perfect Proposal: Part Three

Well gentlemen, today we have arrived at the final portion of our series of tips on proposing. We’ve already discussed finding the perfect ring, and why we think you still need to get down on one knee, but for those of you still nervous about popping the question, we have just a bit more advice… Read more »

Planning the Perfect Proposal: Part Two

Sure, it can be daunting trying to plan the perfect proposal, something that will let your girlfriend know just how special she is to you. And unlike wedding planning, you probably don’t want to plan it with her help. After all, the element of surprise is a pretty big deal when it comes to engagements!… Read more »

Planning the Perfect Proposal: Part One

Today we’d like to speak to the gentlemen out there, namely those of you with hopes to propose soon. If you already have a ring box burning a hole in your coat pocket, we will be talking to you tomorrow about planning the perfect proposal. But for those of you who have yet to brave… Read more »

Setting the Table for a Wonderful Wedding Day

Just when you thought the most difficult part of wedding planning was over, having at last completed your guest list, now you find yourself charged with the unpleasant task of creating table arrangements with all those names. Yikes! Sure it can be difficult trying to determine where to seat your aunt that isn’t speaking to… Read more »