Celebrate Your Special Date with a Beautiful Bash

Anniversary Coming Up? Host a PartySure, the countdown has already begun for Cupid’s annual arrival. But Valentine’s Day isn’t the only romantic date for most couples. Late winter and early spring are often a time for celebrating anniversaries, as well, and potentially a surprise engagement or two. If you, or someone you love will soon be celebrating an anniversary or getting engaged, now is a great time start planning a lovely party honoring the occasion. And one of the very best ways to ensure you have a lavish and memorable soiree is to host it at a beautiful event venue, which creates a unique backdrop for your party, and also frees you from spending the entire party day dusting!

Honor Each Unique Love Story

Anniversary parties are a great time to honor your unique love story, or that of your parents or grandparents, if you are hosting one for them. Consider using a wedding picture as part of the invitation design, or incorporating another special element such as the honorees’ wedding flowers or favorite song.

Then use other images or details to inspire the food and décor for the party, such as recreating their three-tiered red velvet wedding cake, displaying a photo from each year they have been married on string or in frames around the banquet hall, or event renting the same vintage car they left their own wedding in!

Get The Guests Involved

If this is a particularly big anniversary, such as a 50th, or a reception to celebrate your friends’ very recent engagement, make the event extra special by setting up a way for guests to relay well wishes and record their presence. From hiring an event photographer, to setting up a photobooth, there are lots of ways to get guests involved.

Providing not just a guestbook but a scrapbook, as well, where guests can leave special messages can also help make each guest feel honored and included. Plus, the resulting album will be something the couple can treasure for years to come.