Enjoy Worry-free Planning with an Elopement Wedding

Enjoy Worry-free Wedding PlanningMany brides think of their local courthouse or Vegas when they hear the term elopement, and even if they find that idea appealing they may shy away from getting wed without any of their friends or family present. Still, even those brides that always hoped to plan a lavish wedding, may sometimes find themselves dreaming of the seemingly stress-free process of literally going to the chapel to quickly get hitched. Especially while in the often pesky throws of wedding planning, even traditional-minded brides and grooms can long for the ease of an elopement. Fortunately, if you want the joy of sharing your wedding day with your friends and family, without all the hectic months – or even years – of planning, some wedding venues offer the best of both worlds, with packages known as elopement weddings!

What’s an Elopement Package?

At Texas Old Town, our elopement packages allow us to offer brides a quick and pain-free wedding, in very little time. By working together with some of the best vendors in the Austin, Kyle and San Marcos area, we are able to plan most of the details for the weddings on behalf of our couples, so that they can do more important things, like actually enjoy their brief engagement, and start planning for spending their life together after the “I do’s.”

Elopement packages are also an affordable way to host a beautiful wedding at our rustic hillside venue, without the worry and hassle that often comes along with planning a large-scale celebration.

Elopement packages also take much of the pressure off our couples, allowing them to show up on their wedding day knowing they’ll have a great time, without worrying about any of the details being covered. Because we’ll take care of the hard part. You just show up and say “I do.”