Feel Your Best as a Bride with Some Self-Care

Bridal Habits for Self-CareEvery bride wants to feel like she’s glowing on her wedding day. Sure she wants to take her groom’s breath away, but it’s just as important that she feel her best, inside. Unfortunately many brides-to-be go to extreme measures trying to fit into their dresses, or reaching their personal bests physically. And they sometimes resort to drastic, even outlandish, methods that may leave them feeling moody, instead of magical on their big day. Instead of crash dieting or strange spa services, try some good old-fashioned self-care throughout wedding planning and especially leading up to your wedding, that will leave you feeling great inside, and looking gorgeous!

Be Smart When Dress Shopping

If you would like to lose a few pounds before your wedding, and depending on how far off your big day is, it may be okay to buy the dress that fits, just super snuggly. But if you’re getting married in six months, don’t choose a dress two sizes too small as “motivation.” Trying to lose a drastic amount of weight in what is likely an unrealistic timeframe can cause undue stress during an already hectic time. Plus, it can put you in a negative mindset of thinking you’re not good enough, just the way you are. Forget that!

Your fiancé loves you, exactly as you are. (It might be the single biggest clue that he’s the one.) Celebrate that by learning to love your curves, or lack thereof, and choosing a dress (or a stylish alternative) that makes you feel beautiful and bridal, and great in your own skin, just as you are!

*When shopping it’s also important to remember that the right undergarments can make or break a beautiful wedding gown. If you don’t love the way your dream gown is sitting, be sure you have the right support in place, before thinking your body is the “problem.”

Don’t Reserve Spa Days for Wedding Week

Most brides find themselves on a fairly tight budget leading up to the wedding, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the occasional spa day. Look for coupons online, like buy one get one free discounts on couples massages, or invite a friend out for some “me time” the next time your local salon offers a special on manis and pedis.

The beauty treatments can help you look your best, but taking the time to de-stress can be even more meaningful and important for going into your wedding day feeling great.

Just keep in mind that it’s best not to do anything super out-of-the-ordinary the week of your wedding. You don’t want to have an exotic facial, only to find it leaves your skin looking irritated for days!