How to Plan an Awesome Rehearsal Dinner

Awesome Rehearsal Dinner IdeasOnce upon a time the rehearsal dinner was an opportunity for two families to get to know one another, in a formal setting, often over the fanciest of meals. But now? Most brides and grooms prefer a more laidback approach. After all, two families are becoming one great big family, not a business conglomerate. There is no need for suits or stuffiness. This should be a celebration, not a conference! If you want to host an awesome rehearsal dinner, that’s more pre-party for your wedding day, than pretentious platitudes, here are the do’s and don’ts involved to hosting a great one.

Think Outside the Strip Mall

You don’t have to go to your city’s most exclusive eatery to have a great rehearsal dinner, as long as you serve good food. But you do need to host such a special, and likely large, party some place that accommodate your guest list, and hopefully one that doesn’t require Grandma to spend wedding week polishing her fine China.

In fact, you could host your rehearsal dinner at your dream wedding venue, or the one you loved that was already booked on your wedding date!

Serve Food You Love, Not Just Something Fancy

Sure, most carnivores love steak. But that doesn’t mean filet mignon is your only option. In fact, comfort foods are often even more appropriate for a rehearsal dinner than overly fussy food. If you and your fiancé have a favorite restaurant, consider asking them to cater. If not, why not choose two of your families’ favorites, and marry them for a one-of-a-kind meal. Some of the best cuisines are combinations from two different cultures. What better way to honor your wedding?

Hire A Videographer to Capture the Great Moments

There will be lots of priceless moments on your wedding day, but don’t dismiss the rehearsal dinner. It’s certainly it’s own special occasion. Many families opt to give speeches at the dinner, as it is generally a more intimate and less hurried gathering. Since this may likely be the case, consider hiring a videographer to capture all these great moments.

Photographs would be nice, but if many people plan to speak, much less perform (Will your brother being playing guitar, or your grandpa serenading you with his favorite Sinatra tune?) wouldn’t you rather have video?