Ideas for Your Non-Traditional Wedding: Part Three

Nontraditional Wedding Ideas Part ThreeHave you been to dozens of weddings that all looked and felt the same? Sure you were happy to celebrate your friends’ love, but was that the only enjoyable aspect of those cookie-cutter wedding days? If so, you might decide you want to host a non-traditional wedding, one that will be memorable and fun for both you and your loved ones. If so, there are some aspects of planning that will be easy to tackle and to incorporate your unique personalities and preferences, such as the food and attire. But what about the ceremony, much less the reception? Here are a few of our best tips for planning meaningful ceremonies and stellar wedding receptions that are neither traditional or boring.

You Don’t Have to Say ‘I Do’ To Traditional Wedding Vows

There is a reason that wedding vows haven’t changed much in centuries. They were crafted to highlight the timeless truths of what real love looks like. But that doesn’t mean that super traditional vows are the only appropriate way to commit your lives to one another.

If you and your groom aren’t into the typical vows, feel free to write your own. Or, simpler yet, take a cue from more personally significant philosophers. For instance, you could incorporate a few lines from your favorite poet, author or even lyricist. “All you need is love,” may not have been highlighted in as many ceremonies as the lines of 1 Corinthians, but it still echoes the same themes.

And if all else fails, use the traditional vows as a guide but put them into modern, more you and your fiancé-centered language.

Don’t Settle for a Seated Reception

Few aspects of a wedding can be more fun to plan, or participate in, than the wedding reception. But if you don’t want a stuffy reception, with guests glued to their chairs, give them good reason to get up!

From a great live band or a skilled DJ, to less traditional forms of entertainment, make your reception a party that invitees will be excited to partake in. Cartoon, balloon and other artists have become popular additions to non-traditional weddings. So have bounce castles, trampolines and other activities that are fun for kids of all ages, including you and your groom.

Photobooths also make great entertainment, and gifts your guests will actually keep for years. And instead of just serving up cake after dinner, create a DIY dessert bar, featuring candy, a cookie decorating station, a sundae bar or even a donut extravaganza complete with fun toppings.