Ideas for Your Non-Traditional Wedding: Part Two

Nontraditional Wedding Part TwoFirst comes love, then comes a lot of planning, for your wedding that is. And if you don’t consider yourself a typical bride, wedding planning can feel even more challenging. Many fiancés think they have to cave to tradition, when it comes to planning their nuptials. But that’s no longer the case. So talk to each other about your goals for your wedding, what kind of vibe you want to set and how much fun you want to have. Then set out to choose details that will showcase your unique personalities, instead of settling for any cookie-cutter, traditional wedding choices!

What Not To Wear

Once you’ve chosen your venue, or possibly before, you will likely be excited to start dress shopping. But keep in mind that you don’t have to wear a traditional white wedding dress, or even a dress for that matter. Modern brides are rocking stylish pantsuits, and midriff-baring separates, to celebrate their style and showcase their best features. Incorporating color into your bridal fashion is another fun way to show off your personality. Blush, champagne and baby blue are popular as dresses for brides that just want to flirt with their wild side, while bright pinks, reds and other bold hues are perfect for the more non-traditional bride.

What’s For Dinner?

When it comes to your wedding menu, don’t feel pressured to serve up the traditional wedding fare. Forego beef or chicken for more complex meals that celebrate your favorite flavors. From spicy Thai dishes, in honor of your upcoming globetrotting honeymoon, to rich and comforting Italian plates that pay homage to your beloved grandmother’s home cooking, don’t be afraid to push your guests’ palates.

And if you and your groom are vegetarians, don’t feel obligated to serve any meat at all. Instead, ask your caterer to create hearty, produce-filled meals that highlight the best seasonal ingredients that will please even your picky eaters.