Make Healthy Living Fun and Enriching for You and Your Groom

Healthy Cooking As a CoupleIf you want arrive at your dream wedding venue looking your best, and feeling just as great inside, there are several steps that can be taken. Yesterday we talked about how brides can take better care of themselves, by being kind about their bodies and taking time to de-stress. But you also want to feel even closer to your groom-to-be on your wedding day than you do today. So how can the two of you take care of yourselves and each other, while planning the wedding of your dreams? Hint: it’s getting hot in here, and it’s going to be great for your relationship!

Eat Well for Whole Body Health

Crash diets have the appeal of an almost overnight fix, but they tend to be incredibly short-term solutions for a bigger issue, and that is at their best. Many can actually be downright dangerous. You don’t want to get to your wedding feeling starving, much less sick. And you certainly don’t want to spend months fighting with your carb-loving fiancé. So instead of trying to lose weight fast, focus on eating healthy meals, instead.

  • Eating well-balanced meals is good for your whole body, but making those delicious and nutritious meals can also be good for your soul. Make meal prep a ritual you share with your fiancé, whether that means cooking dinner together each night, or prepping a week’s worth of lunches on Sunday afternoons!
  • Cooking together is great quality time, and it also teaches you to work as a team. Take turns doing the chopping and sautéing, and, of course, the dishes!
  • If one of you is more of an expert than the other, enjoy the chance to have private cooking lessons in your own kitchen. While learning how to chop an onion like a Food Network pro, you will also learn how to better communicate!
  • If neither of you has honed your culinary instincts just yet, buy a cookbook to work through together. Or, consider ordering kits from one of the many gourmet grocers that now offer delivery services, which include all the fresh ingredients you need to make delicious meals, complete with detailed instructions!
  • For fiancés that love going out with friends, find some local eateries that offer lighter fare, and/or split a dish, which will save you both money and calories! Eating seasonal dishes is a great way to try new veggies, which are packed with nutrition. And it makes every meal an experience.
  • You can also host potlucks at your place, or take turns hosting your couple friends, so everyone has a chance to improve their culinary skills, while still enjoying lots of time together with your besties.

When It Comes to Wedding Day

While it would certainly be understandable if you want to indulge in a well-deserved, hearty and rich meal on your wedding day, not every couple wants typical wedding day food.

If you’d like lighter fare on your big day or for your rehearsal dinner, and don’t already have a great restaurant in mind, talk to the coordinator at your wedding venue, who can help recommend caterers that offer seasonal, farm-fresh or even vegan fare that you, your guests, and all your waistlines will certainly enjoy!

And if all that healthy eating has rid you of your sweet tooth, there are healthier alternatives to traditional wedding cakes, too! Consider a fresh fruit bar complete with healthy dips like peanut butter or local honey. Or find a baker that specializes in gluten-free cakes or cupcakes, which can even be made with lots of healthier (and delicious) ingredient swaps like protein-packed Greek yogurt and secret servings of fruits and veggies.