Planning the Perfect Proposal: Part Three

Advice to Guys About Popping the QuestionWell gentlemen, today we have arrived at the final portion of our series of tips on proposing. We’ve already discussed finding the perfect ring, and why we think you still need to get down on one knee, but for those of you still nervous about popping the question, we have just a bit more advice that we think can help calm those nerves and prep you for your big moment! If you want to plan a proposal your girlfriend will be proud to recount to all her friends – and what guy doesn’t – here are the final ideas to weigh, while planning for this special occasion!

Consider Sharing, Capturing the Moment

If you think she’d like friends and family there, by all means invite a few, but only the closest ones, as you don’t need an obnoxiously large crowd keeping watch. Just keep in mind that if she sees them before the ring, the surprise will probably be up (unless you have a good excuse to be with them, like her birthday, or another special occasion).

Another popular idea is to hire a photographer to capture the exact moment on “film,” so that the two of you can relive it for years to come. Plus it allows you to include actual proof of your brilliant proposal when you start making it Facebook official.

Like your wedding, the proposal may be a bit of an excited blur. Photographs, or videography, can help the two of you relive the magic once the, let’s face it, pretty scary moment is done.

Breathe Man, Breathe!

Look, this is a truly special event in your life, so it’s perfectly okay – even normal – to be a little nervous. Just don’t let the magnitude of the situation overwhelm you. Instead focus on why you love this woman, and how lucky you are to have found each other.

Yes, the proposal is important, but your relationship is the bigger picture. So even if something doesn’t go precisely according to plan, don’t panic. Just roll with the punches, whether that means spilt drinks, getting to dinner late, a little rain, etc.

Sometimes the spontaneous moments that pop up, even during a milestone moment like a proposal, make for the best stories, anyways. So embrace them if/when they come, and get excited! You’re engaged!