Planning the Perfect Proposal: Part Two

Our Best Tips on Planning the Perfect ProposalSure, it can be daunting trying to plan the perfect proposal, something that will let your girlfriend know just how special she is to you. And unlike wedding planning, you probably don’t want to plan it with her help. After all, the element of surprise is a pretty big deal when it comes to engagements! Fortunately we’re here today to offer up some helpful proposal tips, from a female point-of-view. And with Valentine’s Day coming up, some of you might be particularly anxious for ideas. (Hint, hint.) Yesterday we talked all about finding the right bling. Today we’ll talk about bending down on one knee, and what else we think girls really want in a proposal!

Over-the-Top Is Good, But Only If She’s Into That Sort of Thing

Many guys think that they need to plan a showy proposal in order to make it count. (Thanks reality TV.) But that’s hardly always the case. The engagement itself will be a special occasion. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top or extravagant to be great, in its own way. Yes, you need to put some thought into it, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank or hire a string quartet.

Maybe you grew up thinking it was romantic when guys proposed at a packed-out arena, for instance. But unless rooting for the home team is something important to your gal, or a special part of your love story (where you had your first date, perhaps) she may not love making the most important decision of her life in front of thousands of strangers, on a Jumbotron. She might prefer a low-key, quiet picnic at the park where you had your first kiss, instead. (Thoughtfulness trumps Jumbotron, every single time, guys!)

Getting Her Is Even More Important than What You Get Her

As with ring picking, planning the perfect proposal is less about flash and newsworthiness, and more about honoring your girlfriend’s personality and passions. Let her know that you get her, and she’s way more likely to say yes!

If she loves little surprises, consider planning a scavenger hunt tour of the town where you met, or wrapping up numerous little presents for her to open, before she gets to that small, velvet-lined box. Building up to the moment is good, whether that be reciting poetry or just having a nice dinner (fancy restaurant or a nice home-cooked meal) before you pop the question.

About Taking a Knee

And as for the “on bended knee,” thing… yes, most girls still like it. It’s chivalrous and romantic, not to mention one heck of a non-verbal clue that you really want to spend the rest of your life together!