Setting the Table for a Wonderful Wedding Day

Seating Guests at Your WeddingJust when you thought the most difficult part of wedding planning was over, having at last completed your guest list, now you find yourself charged with the unpleasant task of creating table arrangements with all those names. Yikes! Sure it can be difficult trying to determine where to seat your aunt that isn’t speaking to your cousin or your fiancé’s notoriously obnoxious boss. But setting the tables, so to speak, is no reason to stress. A few creative ideas can help make choosing place settings much smoother, and help make the wedding day a success for all invited!

Don’t Choose Sides When Choosing Seats

Many modern brides and grooms want their wedding to be the start of two families uniting. It’s hard to make that goal apparent, though, if you keep the families separate throughout the wedding and reception. Set out a simple sign instructing guests to sit wherever they’d like for the ceremony, then create a chance for people to truly mingle and get to know one another at the reception.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to keep immediate family members together, for comfort (especially when young children are involved), but to then seat each individual family at a table with in-laws they have yet to meet. Choosing families that have similar interests or backgrounds can help make small talk smooth, and fun.

The same principle can also be applied to coworkers and friends. Guests need not know each other, to get along. Just try to seat people next to others who they’ll have something in common with, so there is plenty of conversational fodder, whether it be kids’ soccer games or a love of Scrabble.

As for those few prickly guests that find it hard to get along with anyone, you have two options. You can either seat them next to similarly melancholy guests, creating one table that is likely to have no fun at all. Or in the case of relatives that you want to try to have a good time, ask a few close friends or family members if they will make it their mission to get the gloomy guests out on the dance floor, where pleasant small talk isn’t required!