What to Consider When Hiring a Wedding Photographer: Part One

Wedding Planning Tips for Choosing a PhotographerOf course you know wedding photography is a worthwhile and important investment for your big day. After all, few things will last as long as the memories captured through photographs. And you know you want the best! Unfortunately that doesn’t always make it any easier to select a wedding photographer. In fact, it may make this decision even harder than many others. Unless you happen to be friends with a talented photographer, or have your heart set on someone’s work you have already seen, how do you narrow down the wonderful field of photographers in your area? Here are just a few things to consider before scheduling a consultation with your top picks.

Take Referrals with a Grain of Salt

Word-of-mouth referrals are huge in the wedding business, especially for photographers, and with good reason. Whose opinion do you trust more, your best friend from high school or random stranger #234 on the internet? Unfortunately, even when you know someone well, that doesn’t mean the two of you will have the same taste in photography. So before you immediately hire someone your sister-in-law recommended, take a look at the photographer’s portfolio to get a feel for if his or her style works well with yours.

Even if their work is good, or someone you love swears by them, move on from any photographers that don’t match your personal esthetic. You want photos that capture your personality, after all, and this is hard to accomplish when you hire a photographer that’s just not a good fit. (Your sister-in-law will/should understand.)