What to Consider When Hiring a Wedding Photographer: Part Three

Tips on Hiring the Right Wedding PHotographerSo, you have finally narrowed down the list of photographers in your area to your absolute favorites. Or perhaps, better yet, you have taken your sister’s advice and fallen in love with the photographer who also shot her wedding! Unfortunately, there is the chance that now you will learn that your dream photographer is over the budget you have set for wedding photography. What’s a bride to do? Well don’t give up just yet on landing that perfect photographer. Here are just a few tips for making things work.

When It Comes to the Budget

It’s important to factor your budget into every decision you make, including what photographer you want to hire. However, few brides regret spending more than expected on photography, while they might not feel the same about their flowers ten years down the road.

And since, unlike wedding dresses, you may not know the photographer’s prices upfront, if you fall in love with a photographer’s work only to realize he or she is out of your photography budget, don’t give up on hiring him or her just yet.

  • The photography prices you see online may not be the final word in how much you have to spend to land your dream photographer.
  • If the photographer is anywhere near your budget, schedule a consultation to discuss the possibility of altering a package to fit your needs and price point.
  • Don’t expect, much less demand, a photographer lower his or her prices drastically in order to work with you. This is in bad form, and can be insulting. (You’re not buying a used car.)
  • But, if you explain how much you love the photog’s work and why you want to work with him or her and are upfront and honest about your budget, the two of you might find a way to “make it work.”
  • This often means lowering the total coverage time by a few hours (do you really need images of your bridal party waking up at the hotel?) or eliminating a second shooter, if that’s a possibility.

When Your Budget Can Budge a Little

If that won’t work, but your heart is still set on this photographer, explore other options.

Is there any wiggle room elsewhere in your budget, for instance?

While going over budget is often not a possibility, or not a good one at least, there are often places you can scrimp without feeling the pain.

  • Do you need to order those custom-etched designer flower vases, or will the ones the florist provides for free look just as good?
  • Do you need a fifth dinner option, or will the three the caterer suggested suffice?
  • Instead of a three-tier gourmet cake, how about a beautiful single tier cake and cupcakes to surround it?

Not every budget has the ability to budge, but if yours can, few areas will be more worthwhile for an adjustment than the photography!