What to Consider When Hiring a Wedding Photographer: Part Two

Wedding Planning? Tips for Choosing Your Dream Wedding PhotographerFor brides who don’t already have a photographer in mind, or even a friend or family member to recommend one, the options can definitely seem overwhelming, especially in larger cities like Austin. But before you resort to throwing a dart at the Google results for photographers in your area, let us give you some advice about how to choose and hire the wedding photographer that will be a great fit on your day, and give you wonderful photos to cherish for years to come.

Weigh Your Options, and Don’t Resort to Google Unless Necessary

Staring at a computer screen is a great way to get overwhelmed, while wedding planning. Sure, Pinterest is a great resource for décor ideas and there are other helpful planning websites, such as The Knot, that feature actual bridal reviews which can be beneficial. But another often overlooked resource is the coordinator at your wedding venue, or any one of the other wedding professionals you have already hired. Chances are, they have worked with a number of local photographers over the years, and would be more than happy to offer some personalized recommendations.

This is a great way to create your own short list of potential photographers, whose portfolios it would then be easy to access online.

Plus, vendors that have worked with local photographers can do more than tell you who is talented. They can recommend a photographer that has experience shooting at your venue, one that has a personality similar to yours, or even one that has a specialty that suits your style, such as a journalistic approach perfect for capturing all the candid moments at your rustic, outdoor reception.