Where to Begin with Wedding Planning: Part Three

Meet With Your Wedding Professinoals For Planning TipsMaking decisions during wedding planning will get much easier after you have made some key choices. For instance, once your date and wedding venue have been set, choosing decorations and timelines can be about complimenting those choices. It’s kind of like choosing accessories after you’ve already carefully selected the perfect wedding gown. It becomes a lot easier the more focused your search becomes! Still, it’s not uncommon for brides to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices, when it comes to wedding planning. If you find yourself in that situation, there is help you can turn to. In fact, you might be surprised just how much great direction you can get from talking with your own personal wedding team!

Who to Turn to In Your Time of Need?

  • Torn between your two favorite cake flavors, or if the groom’s cake should be funny or serious in design? Your cake artist should have books filled with ideas, and often creative solutions for giving clients the best of both worlds.
    • For instance, multi-tiered cakes can often be made in multiple flavors, but some brides also choose to incorporate different flavor pairings by asking for marbled or crème-filled cakes.
    • And as for designs? Most cake artists are great at marrying style and sentiment, so you can celebrate your grooms’ passions or hobbies, without having an infamous bleeding armadillo cake, or a similar atrocity.
  • Just remember, your wedding professionals are busy people. And while they want to help each and every bride, they can’t do so at the expense of their other clients. So, instead of bombarding your pros with emails or text messages, especially during non-traditional office hours when they may be with their own families, consider asking when is a good time to talk. Then either schedule a chat by phone, or better yet, ask if you can schedule a coffee break, which makes a great time to pick the pro’s brain for all kinds of useful wedding planning tips, from when to ask the grandparents to arrive to what your maid of honor really needs to add to her emergency kit.