Fall in Love with the Idea of an Autumn Wedding

Fall In Love with an Autumn WeddingIt’s no secret that we’re in love with fall weddings, around here. The beautiful foliage, the cocoa bars (and custom autumnal cocktails), the excuse to cuddle, what’s not to love? Warming weather may currently have you thinking spring, but this is actually a perfect time to start planning your fall wedding! From gorgeous leaves-inspired color schemes, to rustic touches perfect for celebrating the change of the seasons, we’re sharing a few of our favorite fall wedding planning tips with you today, so you too can fall in love with the idea of an autumn wedding. Just remember, fall might seem like a long way away, but it will be here much quicker than you think. And your favorite venue and vendors might book even quicker. So don’t waste any time procrastinating if you plan to wed this autumn!

Get Campy, In a Good Way!

Fall is a great time to celebrate camping, particularly for couples that love the great outdoors. Though you might think spring is ideal for outdoor weddings, October and November are also great times for hosting outdoor ceremonies. (Of course, it helps to choose a wedding venue that offers the best of both worlds, like here at Texas Old Town. We offer brides and grooms a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, perfect for highlighting Mother Nature’s beauty, while still prepping for the possibility of inclement weather.)

We love decorative nods to traditional campsites, like wooden cake stands, lanterns for added lighting, and checkered thermoses and picnic blankets on display. And who doesn’t love to see a gourmet S’mores bar!

Keep Guests Cozy and Always, Always Consider Chocolate

If you are hosting an outdoor event, just be sure to incorporate extra heat into your planning. From portable heaters, to fire pits or blankets and shawls, there are lots of ways to keep guests cozy, and they’ll definitely appreciate the gesture.

Of course, warmth can also come from the food and drinks you’ll be serving. Comfort foods are perfect for fall. Think soups, stews, chilis and casseroles. These are great places to incorporate seasonal veggies like pumpkins, sweet potato and winter squash. Cocktails and desserts are also great for utilizing seasonal fruits like apples, pears and figs.

Along with rich foods, autumn is also a great time to incorporate rich colors into the wedding décor! From reds and maroons to burnt orange and golden yellows, take a cue from those colorful leaves you’ll be seeing in the fall. Or, use jewel tones and rich chocolaty browns, which also look lovely surrounded by autumn foliage.