Smart Ways to Choose Your Wedding Color Scheme

Wedding Colors Might Be Easier to Spot Than You ThinkStumped what kind of colors you want to incorporate into your wedding day? There are lots of fun ways to figure out a fresh color story for your day. Sure, you could look at wedding magazines or online inspiration, but we think it can be even more fun to get inspired by fashion favorites, Mother Nature, your gorgeous wedding venue, and other unique and personal color cues. From bridesmaids’ dresses to flowers, bowties to table décor, here are some of our favorite ways to select gorgeous colors for your big day!

What Do You Wear?

We’re not talking about that super worn college t-shirt you sleep in, or the shoes you wear to work everyday solely out of comfort. We mean, what are your favorite items in your closet, the ones you go to time and time again, because they make you feel happy, or classy, or unbelievably sexy? These items are a great inspiration for a wedding color scheme.

And you don’t have to limit your ideas to colors, either. Look at the textures and the accessories you’re most drawn to, chances are your favorite pieces could create a beautiful theme for wedding décor.

  • Is your closet filled with timeless, upscale pieces, like tailored black blazers and pristine white button downs? Stick to crisp white linens and structured black bridesmaids’ dresses. No one says you have to put your girls in chiffon!
  • Drawn to quirky color combos like chartreuse and emerald green? Go bold with colorful tablecloths and chair covers, or incorporate the colors in more subtle ways, by keeping a neutral color palette for the big stuff (like linens, suits, etc.) and accenting with mixed bouquets and snazzy ties for the groomsmen!
  • If you don’t own a single solid colored item, then find ways to incorporate lots of fun prints into your wedding. Choose colorful, illustrated invites, and reintroduce that pattern into menu boards, table numbers, and other printed materials. You could also invite your bridesmaids to wear unique, vintage dresses in a variety of floral prints! (Sticking to a few colors can help create a cohesive yet still fun and quirky look.)

Let Nature Send You Color Cues!

Once you have chosen your wedding date and wedding venue, it’s easy to take color cues from both. Especially if you’re planning an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception, make sure to pick colors that compliment what Mother Nature will be showcasing, rather than trying to compete with it.

Look at your venue’s online gallery if you can’t make it there in person, paying close attention to weddings that were held around the same time of year as yours will be!

  • Is fall your favorite season? Choose a palette of pumpkin orange, chocolate browns and golden yellows.
  • Have you chosen to host an outdoor spring wedding? Think about what the ambient foliage and flowers will look like on your wedding day.
  • Choose colors from that palette, or ones that compliment it well. For instance, if there will be a variety of wildflowers blooming near your beautiful rustic venue, pull colors from them. For instance, yellow, coral and bright blue are prominent in the springtime, especially in the south!
  • Will there be lots of baby blue and pink hydrangeas in bloom on your big day? Consider pastels anchored by a rich color, like navy blue!