Stumped By the Seating Chart? Our Planning Tool Can Help!

Solve the Seating Chart Puzzle with Our Planning ToolStressed about where everyone should sit at your wedding reception? Like guest lists, creating seating charts can be a lot more labor intensive than fun. Fortunately, at Texas Old Town, we have provided a wonderful seating planner tool that can make mapping out your rustic reception much simpler and far less stressful. After all, you have more important things to do than waste time worrying about wedding planning, like gearing up for your bachelorette party, for instance, or preparing to start your new life as husband and wife!

Technical Tools That Can Help Make Planning a Breeze

Here at Texas Old Town we understand that creating a guest list and choosing a wedding venue means your planning process has only started. That is why we provide our brides with a helpful interactive seating planner, which gives them the ability to create virtual wedding receptions, complete with table and chair arrangements. They can then save, email or print their ideal arrangements, making coordinating with florists and wedding planners a breeze, or awfully close to one.

It’s an incredibly handy way to visualize how your wedding will really look, without actually having to travel, much less set up all that furniture!

Tips for Arranging Guests In a Way That Creates a Great Party

When determining where to seat your friends and family at your wedding reception, there are common ways of grouping guests, and some less-conventional approaches. Many brides and grooms like to keep each of their families grouped together, and the same for coworkers, childhood friends, etc. This is certainly a comfortable approach. But if you want to mix things up a bit, try seating people based on similar interests, rather than sticking to table groups that already know one another well. This is a great way to give each of your families an opportunity to mingle and really get to know one another. Plus, who doesn’t like meeting a fellow scrapbooking/soccer/sangria enthusiast!

And Don’t Forget Your Biggest Asset in Helping Guests Have a Blast

Whether you hire a wedding band, a DJ, or are opting to create your own wedding playlist, the songs you select, and who you have interacting with guests over the speaker system, will have a huge impact on how much fun your guests are having!

So if you want your reception to be more dance party than dud, make sure you have an emcee that will help get the party started (even if that’s just your extra fun brother-in-law), and tunes that will keep compelling people to boogie well into the night.

For many couples, the seating chart is really only a starting point for the reception, a designated place for guests to set their purses or to kick off their fancy shoes.

If you want people to spend the majority of the night on the dance floor, compel them to join you there, with great music and a great emcee!