Tips for Planning a Dreamy Spring Wedding: Part One

Host a Great Spring WeddingHave you always loved those first blooms of spring? Is your birthday in April, or maybe just your favorite gemstone? Do pastels make your heart swoon? If so, are you set on a lovely spring wedding? March, April and May make wonderful months for a wedding, which is probably why many consider these the heart of wedding season. But even a perfect spring day can sometimes use a little help. If you’ve selected an outdoor wedding venue, like one of our beautiful locations at Texas Old Town, consider these tips for making your spring wedding extra dreamy!

Keep Guests Comfy and Chipper at Your Spring Wedding

Spring is one of the few seasons in which an outdoor reception is possible. Take advantage, by hosting a beautiful outdoor wedding. With a little luck, and some careful planning, you and your guests can enjoy both the weather and the majesty of the great outdoors!

Just keep in mind that even in gorgeous weather, your guests could still use some help staying comfortable in the elements. Here are some tips to consider, if you have selected an outdoor wedding venue for your spring wedding celebration!

  • Spring is known for its flowers, but also for its showers! So be prepared. If there is not an indoor reception area, at your wedding venue, make sure to consider tents to block the rain. And in case of light showers, during an outdoor ceremony, have plenty of umbrellas on hand! (Bonus points if you collect an assortment of floral patterns, stripes, or other fun umbrellas.)
  • If you live in a cooler climate, or just plan to party until well after dark, you might also consider lightweight shawls or wraps to help keep guests warm as they dance the night away. Remember, spring is still pretty cool in most of the country.
  • Outdoor string lights hung through the trees create a lot of ambience, and are perfect décor year-round. But they can also help your photographer get better shots at your evening reception. Photography is all about light, so don’t expect great shots in the pitch black. Plus, some strategically hung lights can also help guests find their way back to their seats, which will be especially helpful after a few of those custom cocktails or craft beers!