Tips for Planning a Dreamy Spring Wedding: Part Two

Spring Wedding Tips from Your VenueMarch through May make ideal months to wed, which is why so many brides opt to choose spring wedding dates. So if you have your heart set on marrying during this busy season, there are a few things you’ll need to do as soon as possible. For instance, make sure you book your wedding venue as early as you possibly can, that way you don’t have to worry about your dream wedding venue being booked on your ideal date. Then, let the fun begin, as you hire your other wedding professionals, such as photographers, florists and caterers!

Securing The Important Stuff for Your Spring Wedding

During the busy wedding season, it’s best to book your largest and most important vendors extra early. For most couples this means the venue, photographer, caterer, and DJ or band. Keep in mind that while a cake artist may be able to take more than one wedding per date, many wedding professionals must limit their availability.

Décor Ideas and Design Considerations

  • For a casual outdoor wedding, consider picnic tables. Or, place long tables, end to end, to create a timeless yet trendy banquet-style table.
  • Mismatched wooden chairs are also a great way to add ambience. Check out wedding rental companies that specialize in vintage goods if you favor a more eclectic look!
  • Seasonal flavors are always a good idea, but this is especially true in the springtime when many vegetables and fruits are in season. Talk to your caterer about designing a menu around those items. Not only will it create a unique and delicious meal; it can also save you money since you’ll be importing less food.
  • When it comes to décor, less is often more, especially during a beautiful season like spring. Highlight fresh flowers and the natural beauty of your vendor, with vintage linens and rustic accents like wood cake stands and handpainted signs.
  • Don’t forget, if you’re on the market for some great accessories and décor items, come check out our Bridal Garage Sale, on February 21, 2016l!
  • Because the weather should be nice, if you’re hosting an outdoor event consider inviting your best friend to stand by your side. Yes, we’re talking about your beloved pooch. Just make sure to arrange for your pet’s safety and comfort during and after the ceremony, that way you can both have a great time.