Tips for When Wedding Planning Feels Awesome, But Overwhelming

Wedding Planning Starts HereThough not all would admit it publicly, many brides have a general idea of what they would like their wedding to look like, before their lucky groom has even popped the question. Unfortunately, when it comes time to actually start planning a real life wedding, it can be overwhelming trying to organize all those dreams and ideas into a coherent vision that can be relayed to a wedding planner, much less made a reality! That’s where some expert tips can really come in handy, though, marrying (if you will) all those childhood dreams you had of your someday wedding, with the Pinterest board overstuffed with an impossible number of décor ideas, oh, and whatever it is your groom most wants. The great news is that it is possible to pull off a fabulous wedding, trust us! It just takes a few tough choices, followed up by lots (and we mean lots) of editing!

First Things First Usually Means Finding a Venue

Aside from finding each other, finding a perfect wedding venue should be top priority. It will, after all, set the tone for all the other decisions you’ll make, from the flowers you pick to the food you’ll serve.

  • So even if you and your groom don’t have any venues in mind, or even know what city you’d like to wed, start by talking about the overall vibe you’d like to create. You might be surprised how effectively this can narrow your search!
  • Want an upscale, modern event? You can rule out your grandparents’ beautiful but very quaint backyard.
  • Want a rustic venue where you can wear your matching cowboy boots? Look for some place with gorgeous views and barn-like touches, including raw woods and vintage details, like our Austin, Texas wedding venue, Texas Old Town, for instance.
  • Once you know what kind of feel you hope to create, choosing a venue will be much easier. Since they book up fast during peak wedding season, make sure to contact the venue immediately, once you’ve found the one!

Less Is More, Most of the Time

When it comes to dresses, color schemes, flowers and most everything wedding-related, less is more. We don’t mean you should have only a few flowers, we just mean narrowing your ideas can help create a much more cohesive feel.

  • Love ten colors? Let three be stars, and one or two others be compliments.
  • Want a lace strapless, mermaid gown with tons of beading and a jeweled neckline? Take Coco Chanel’s timeless advice. She famously said, “When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on.” A simple dress, or even one with limited embellishments, really helps make sure you are the star, not the dress!
  • To blow the guests away with your reception meal, you don’t need to offer a huge variety! Just make sure each dish is awesome!
  • To truly let the important details shine – like you and your groom’s love – limit the decorations and distractions!