Tips on Giving Gifts Guests Will Actually Enjoy

Modern Wedding Favor IdeasSure, your wedding will be its own reward, a fun and entertaining night for all, complete with cake, champagne toasts and dancing. But most brides and grooms still want a special way to thank their guests for attending the wedding day of their dreams. After all, what’s a fairytale ceremony without loved ones there to play witness? But traditional wedding gifts like mini picture frames filled with the happy couple’s faces aren’t exactly going to live happily ever after on bookshelves. So how does a modern couple say “thanks” in a way that will actually be appreciated? Well, today we have rounded up some of our favorite wedding gifts, we think your guests will truly enjoy!

Give Them Something Simple, Scented or Scrumptious

  • Whether you choose succulents, pansies, or some other flower, tiny potted plants can serve double or even triple duty as beautiful table décor, a seating chart (using cute little flags), and wedding favors guests will enjoy as long as their green thumbs allow. Seed packets are another great option. Choose vegetables or herbs for gifts that will be pretty and nutritious. Your wedding menu can even serve as inspiration.
  • Though people may not need candles etched with “Eternal Love” or your initials, there are still beautiful ways to present store-bought or even homemade candles people will enjoy burning. Have a candle making party with your bridesmaids and besties. Create a special wedding scent using essential oils, and use vintage teacups or even tin cans as unique vessels. (Candle making is a fairly simple craft to learn.) But you can also buy ones that smell great from the $1 section, and jazz them up with burlap, if you are planning a rustic wedding, or lace.
  • You could also compliment your open bar with customized pint or wine glasses guests can take home with them at the end of the night, or even small bottles of liquor complete with a favorite cocktail recipe.
  • And edible goods are almost always welcome, as well. Gourmet popcorn and candy bars remain popular ways for guests to treat themselves. Just make sure you add some cute signage instructing them to fill up treat bags before they head out. Or, provide small jars of honey, salsa, or a favorite coffee or tea blend. Choosing a dish or delectable that compliments your wedding menu is a great way to prolong the fun of your wedding!