Want to Have a Small Wedding? Here’s How!

Small Wedding? Tips for Making It GreatNot everyone thinks bigger is better when it comes to planning weddings. Many brides and grooms want to have a small, intimate affair, when it comes time to say their “I do’s.” While a quick courthouse wedding is one viable option for those really hoping to keep the guest list small, there are many other options that can combine the excitement of a traditional (often bigger) wedding with the emotional appeal of a smaller, more private wedding day. So take this advice to heart, if you and your groom want to create a personal day that’s big on fun, but not numerically.

Make That List and Then Check It Twice

It might seem ruthless, but if you want to have a truly intimate wedding, that means keeping the guest list decidedly small. So, make an initial draft of people to invite, then take a second look. If there are people you haven’t spoken to in years, or any obligation invites (your dad’s boss, your second cousin’s brand-new-boyfriend) consider making further cuts.

Choose a Venue that Makes Sense for the Size of Your Wedding

While large weddings can be a lot of fun, not everyone wants a church or reception hall packed with people. So if you plan on hosting a smaller event, look for a wedding venue that won’t look empty based on the number of guests you’re inviting.

At Texas Old Town, for instance, we actually have several venues, including outdoor spaces which can be set up to seat a great many guests, or just a few. This versatility is a wonderful asset when researching wedding venues, particularly for brides on the fence about how big or small they really want to go with the guest list.