What to Give Your Girlfriend This Valentine’s Day: Part One

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for GuysSure candies and flowers are nice, but there has to be some other way to show the one you love just how much you adore her, right, especially on February 14th? After all, just because she’s allergic to roses or on a strict no-chocolate diet, doesn’t mean you can’t still let her know you care on this holiday. Choosing a non-traditional gift is actually a great way to earn some metaphorical brownie points, too, by proving that you really get her, and aren’t just gifting her something because it’s Valentine’s Day! So, before you work up a cold sweat at the mere thought of the dreaded holiday, or head frantically to the mall, consider these gift ideas she’s sure to adore for this or any special occasion!

Honor Her with Jewels, So-to-speak

Jewelry is a great holiday gift standby, and contrary to what commercials like to tell you, a piece of jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive to win her heart! If your budget doesn’t have room for diamonds, don’t worry. There are lots of fun alternatives she’s sure to appreciate.

  • Consider something meaningful but not so expensive. If your girlfriend wears a lot of turquoise or some other stone, or even chunky costume jewelry (think, not gold!) find a special piece at a clothing store, or even an antique shop.
  • You could also look up local artisans in your area, and purchase a piece directly at a nearby boutique, online through a site like Etsy, or even have a piece custom crafted. (There are artists in almost every price point, and most offer pieces for much less than the big box stores!)
  • If your gift won’t arrive in time for Valentine’s Day, consider printing an image of what you have ordered, or wrapping up a candy necklace or rubber bracelet to act as a placeholder until her one-of-a-kind piece arrives.
  • Finally, you could create a piece yourself using charms that represent dates you’ve had, places you would like to visit together, or each of your birthstones or initials.

Just keep in mind that if you have been dating a while, and you’re not proposing, it’s best to avoid anything wrapped in what could look like a ring box! (If you are planning a Valentine’s Day proposal, check out our tips for making it extra special!)