What to Give Your Girlfriend This Valentine’s Day: Part Two

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas from the HeartYesterday we shared a few gift ideas for those of you wanting to give your girlfriends jewelry this Valentine’s Day! But what if jewelry isn’t really her style, or you want to give her something else, instead? Well today we’re sharing alternatives to traditional flowers, and other thoughtful gift ideas that won’t break the bank. Just remember, if you plan on popping the question this Valentine’s Day, make it special and memorable with our easy proposal tips.

What’s Better than Flowers That Whither?

Whether she’s allergic to flowers, or just thinks they’re a waste since they’ll soon wither, this Valentine’s Day, think outside the florist shop bouquet.

  • If your girlfriend has a green thumb, or is trying hard to develop one, pick up a hearty succulent potted in a cute pot or even a metal can from her favorite brand of coffee.
  • Check local nurseries or even hardware stores for both plants and some expert care advice. (Bonus points if you make her a cute card about how well she takes care of you!)
  • You could also purchase beautiful handcrafted paper or porcelain flowers that will last much longer than the real thing. Or, go a different direction altogether and buy her that best seller that’s been sitting in her wish list for months, and add a beautiful flower bookmark. Or, purchase a beautiful watercolor or oil painting of flowers that would look great over her dresser, or to brighten up her desk at work long after her coworkers’ carnations have died!

When In Doubt, Make Her Something

Glitter glue isn’t just for the grade schoolers! Don’t under estimate the power of some personalization. Best of all, you don’t have to be an excellent crafter to show how much you care.

If you enjoy woodworking, why not make her a new side table complete with your initials etched into the wood. Skilled craft beer brewer? Create her own special concoction complete with a Valetine’s themed label. Musician, or aspiring DJ? Make her a good old-fashioned mix CD. Gourmet chef, or even just an expert spaghetti maker? What’s sweeter than a homecooked meal? It really is the thought that counts the most when it comes to making or buying Valentine’s Day gifts.

From homemade cards, to a framed photo of the two of you, putting some thought into whatever you give her, goes a long way (even if your crafting skills are sub-par).